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Fact Check #1

In this far right oriented meme posted by the facebook group Ex-NFL Fans, we see text defending Donald Trump for allegedly having relations with Russia. Underneath this text includes unflattering pictures of both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden with their alleged dealings with Russia. With Clinton apparently receiving donations to the Clinton Foundation from Russia and Biden withholding $2 Billion from Russia for personal reasons. I initially used to search fact checking sites for information regarding Clinton and Biden. After doing a little investigation, we saw that sites like and independently addressed both of these statements made about Biden and Clinton. 

“Hilary Clinton took payments from Russia during her time as secretary of state”.More specifically it seems to be referring to the claim that she gave away 20% of the U.S.’s uranium in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations. Although this sounds bad, according to, there is a reasonable explanation for it. Clinton actually had the job on a cabinet to approve the transfer of uranium after a large nuclear agency, Rosatom, purchased a large share of uranium which just so happens to be within America’s possession. While all of this unfolded, nine very important members of Uranium One, the company who was in possession of the uranium before Rosatom bought a 50% stake, had donated a total of over $1 Million. Though this seems scandalous, the decision to approve the transaction was not able to be vetoed, or in other words stopped. Only the president had the power to veto a deal like that due to laws. Also, Clinton has came out on multiple occasions noting that she “Never intervened” and “Wasn’t personally involved” in the matter. As a matter of fact, the Uranium did not necessarily ship directly to Russia. It turns out that there was a report in which uranium was transported from America to Canada, who has a program which was merged with Rosatom. And even then, the uranium was sold quickly after the transaction. Lastly, out of the nine individuals to donate to the Clinton Foundation, only one individual donated at the time of the business transaction in which Clinton did not play an important role in. Overall, the situation at hand may seem scandalous but actually play out to be a logical decision made by a company which just so happens to have nine key members who have previously supported a member who was in the cabinet to make the “decision” to approve the transaction made in the first place. 

“Joe Biden’s son took over a billion from China during his time as Vice President”. The alleged remarks about Joe Biden withholding $2 Billion dollars in exchange for the top prosecutor being fired that was investigating a gas company in Ukraine that his son was managing. This statement is somewhat true, but still an exaggeration of the truth. Joe Biden’s son was involved in a directorship for a ukeranian gas company according to On top of this, Biden allegedly lobbied for the top prosecutor to be fired out of the large interest of the U.S. Government. However, after consideration by the US senate, Biden’s reasoning for withholding the $2 billion was not a conflict of interest or even signifies that there was a true benefit from firing the prosecutor. In that, the statement itself was a half truth, but still spun the wrong way to deceive people and benefit the republican viewpoint.


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