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Fact Check 3

Whenever someone mentions bias in the media, people tend to first think of the most accused news sources in recent memory. Fox News is one such news source. Typically, people attribute Fox News to being more far right than right leaning. However, according to, it seems to be Fox’s opinion that is more left than the news that they report. And I would heavily agree with that statement for the reason that it is able to be witnessed first hand.

The way I went about finding information on this was quite simple. I first went off of the statement made by concerning it’s standpoint on the News Organization. After that, I took a look at the Fox website to gather some information on how they report articles. After this I searched duckduckgo for fact checking websites that have reported anything to do with Fox News and bias. I eventually found something on which pointed me to a graph that even furthered my argument.

One may think, why does one site get to decide whether Fox News is, or isn’t, a far right News Source. Firstly, we need to start with the obvious. A simple analysis of how Fox reports their news will clearly lead to the conclusion that it is right leaning. For example, the biggest story of the day “Cruz schools Kap after America-bashing ex-QB posts Frederick Douglass quote ‘without context” is an example enough because this article was not written from a neutral standpoint. In the article, the author repeatedly refers to Sen. Ted Cruz and showed his standpoint of the argument way more than Ex-NFL star Collin Kaepernick’s side of the argument. Along with this, the author uses the phrase “so-called“ to describe the offical name of a Nike Shoe, the Betsy Ross flag shoes, which is a “pro-slavery” symbol according to Kaepernick. Even within the article, the way it is written supports a narrative that is right leaning. Next, I searched duckduckgo for “Fox News bias” across several platforms. A specific example of Fox News’s media bias is reflected in this graph on It records how many lies, or in this case it can be attributed to how many false statements or bias that Fox News has been spreading. This has been accumulated through politifacts truthometer and  how many posts have been made to fact check Fox news site wide. According to the graph, more than 59% of all of the fact checks made on the site have proven to be false in some way, shape, or form. 

As a whole, I think that this process should be customary when someone needs to even think twice before fact checking their news sources. Fox News is certainly one of the most prominent and well known right leaning conservative news sources. This is showcased just as easily as visiting their website and reading their biggest news article of the day. Even after doing some extensive(more than the normal person would do) work, it is clear that they spread news that sways in the conservative direction. Whether as it is interpreted as a lie or not, the evidence is undeniable.


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